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March 16th, 2017 by Casper Insurance

Stay Safe This St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  With it being on a Friday this year – there is plenty of reason to celebrate after the work day.  Drinking green beer, green eggs, and ham, and enjoying the celebrations with your friends.  To make sure you stay lucky and safe this year, plan ahead and have a buddy with you while you are out and about. Designated drive –... Read Article

Confessions of a First Time Renter: 7 Things to Help You and Your Pet Have a Paw-some Move

Meow!….Meow!….Meow! That’s how my feisty, food–and attention-loving cat Olivia wakes me up every morning for her breakfast …at 6 a.m. Good thing I never bothered buying an actual alarm. Early mornings aside, having a pet to come home to and keep me company is really nice, especially since I live alone. In fact, finding a pet-friendly place was one of my must-haves when I was... Read Article

Top Tips for Living Alone

Perhaps you’re finally earning enough to leave your family’s home and get your own place. Or maybe you’re tired of roommates or recently uncoupled with your partner. In any case, you’re a part of the rising demographic of people living by themselves with no partner, no kids and no roommate. Ever wonder what’s driving the trend and what you need to know about living solo?... Read Article

The 10 Most Popular States People Move to

There are many reasons people move. It could be for a job or a loved one.  It could be based on the weather or just to experience a new place,. So where’s everyone going? While some warm-weather states are popular, especially among retirees, there are several states you might not have thought of that made the list. Interestingly enough, Vermont – home to the original... Read Article

5 Things to Avoid When Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi helps us stay connected no matter where we go. It’s convenient to use at a coffee shop, a neighborhood restaurant or the airport, but how safe is it? Unfortunately, cyber criminals can log in to the same free network that you do and attempt to gain access to your devices and personal information. “The Wi-Fi may be free, but that doesn’t mean your... Read Article