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10 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

10 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

It’s easier than you think to take care of your health.  Here are 10 things you can do that don’t take a lot of time and effort to get your hearth in shape.

  1. Food choices: When deciding on what to eat, stick to foods that are low in saturated and trans fats, low salt and sugar.  High fiber and omega-3 fatty acids are good.
  2. Quit Smoking: Besides smoking being smelly, bad for your teeth, breath, and clothes, smoking is bad for your health and increases your risk of heart attacks, strokes, and disease.
  3. Everything in moderation:If you choose to drink, do so in moderation. Check with your doctor to make sure drinking is safe based on your diet and medications.
  4. Teeth health: Some studies show that there may be a relation between gum disease and heart disease. Take care of your teeth by having bi-annual dentist visits, flossing daily, and brushing your teeth 2-3 times per day.
  5. Get moving: Exercise is great for your heart as well as your weight and overall mood.  Most adults should have at least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week. Getting a 30-minute walk in each day is excellent for your health.
  6. Unwind: Stress is bad for your overall health.  Take time to unwind each day by doing something relaxing – meditation, yoga, walk, talk with a friend, play with your pet, etc.
  7. Annual checkups: Health concerns such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol often don’t have symptoms. It’s important to get your numbers checked.
  8. Catch some ZZZ’s: Getting a good night’s rest allows our bodies to recharge for the upcoming day.  If you don’t get enough sleep one night, try and find time to rest or take a nap the next day.
  9. Genetics: Talk with family members to learn what health concerns may run in your family. Be sure to share your family history with your doctor.
  10. Look out for yourself: If you have a disease such as high blood pressure or diabetes, be sure to work with your doctor to manage your conditions and listen to your doctor to lower your risk of heart disease.
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