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Game Changer: How “Pokemon Go” Can Boost Your Business

You’ve probably heard of Pokémon GO, the digital-meets-real-world scavenger hunt that’s got players glued to their phones all around the world. What you might not have thought about is the opportunity that it presents for business owners to attract new customers.

recent survey from Revel Systems found that businesses with PokéStops, a location shown on a local map in Pokémon GO, have increased foot traffic, gross sales and total customers. The app invites gamers to venture out into the real world, bringing a potential wave of customers to local businesses from retailers to restaurants.

While the trend might eventually fade away as just another app craze—remember five years ago when everyone was obsessed with DrawSomething?—the truth is between 20 and 25 million people were playing Pokémon GO every day over the summer.

Who are the gamers? SurveyMonkey Intelligence reported that 63 percent are women and their average age is 25. They also found that 46 percent of the app fans are between 18 and 29, an age group very familiar with the initial Pokémon craze in the ’90s.

So if you’re going to tap into this trend, now’s the time.

Check out the source article from Inc Magazine to get clever tips for how to use Pokémon GO to attract more customers to your business.

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