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No Regrets Road Trip: Chompin’ at the Savoy in Pittsburgh (VIDEO)


It's no secret that Pittsburgh has undergone a metropolitan makeover in the past few decades. The city's rise and fall as an industrial powerhouse -- with the smoke and soot to prove it -- has given way to a new generation of entrepreneurs and industries that have earned Pittsburgh major props as one of the top places to live, work and visit in the United States.

Want to see what all the 'burgh buzz is about? There's no better place to start than the Strip District. What was once the home of mills, factories and wholesalers has transformed into a historic marketplace with open-air vendors, unique and local artisan boutiques and -- of course -- great food. In the latest episode of The Summer of No Regrets Road Trip, we chat with John Bettis, executive manager of local hot spot Savoy. This Pittsburgh restaurateur (and ERIE Customer) shares his story about what it takes to start your own restaurant -- from seriously good insurance to a killer wardrobe.

Next up: We check out a turn-of-the-century "man cave" in Richmond, Virginia

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